Award-Winning Filmmakers Support L.A. 2016 Olympic Bid and Answer "Why Los Angeles?" for USOC

Short-Film Featuring Los Angeles 2016’s Biggest Stars – Olympians and Venues – Creatively Demonstrates the Significant Stage L.A. Can Provide 2016 Olympic Games and Athletes

Los Angeles, Calif. –March 1, 2007 – Underscoring the deep support and endorsement of California’s and Los Angeles’ leaders in entertainment and government, the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games (SCCOG) today premiered a three and a half-minute film produced by the Walt Disney Studios featuring Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and prominent Olympians from the Los Angeles area.

The film answers the question “Why Los Angeles?” as put forward by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as it makes its decision between Los Angeles and Chicago on which city to name as the American applicant city for the 2016 Olympic Games. The film visually supports Los Angeles’ “We’re Ready” status with practically no new construction needed and moves in for a close up on the true stars of any Olympic competition, the athletes.


"The Olympics represent the best of humanity where nations put aside their differences to celebrate athletic grace and achievement. An event with such grandeur deserves a grand stage and I can think of no better setting than my hometown. Los Angeles is a city that is built on dreams, where anything is possible. Southern California embodies the Olympic spirit - the ability of athletes from all walks of life and every corner of the world to overcome the odds and compete with the best of the best in their chosen field," said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The creative team behind the film was assembled by Disney and Craig Murray Productions, utilizing the experts that have been involved with the Pirates of the Caribbean motion picture franchise as well as many other box office sensations. Led by Bruce Hendricks, president of Disney Physical Production and an executive producer of the Pirates movies, the film captures the spirit of Los Angeles’ long Olympic tradition through compelling visuals past and present interwoven with venues and comments from a number of the more than 1,000 Olympians who call Southern California home.

“The entertainment team behind this film is yet another demonstration of the wealth of resources available in Los Angeles,” said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “We have the full support of all of Los Angeles, including the Hollywood community.”

The film is one of several vehicles created in partnership with the entertainment industry. The SCCOG has engaged the support of those who call Los Angeles home, the abundance of creative talent in film, music, television, and technology to showcase that the entertainment community firmly stands behind the Los Angeles 2016 bid.

“We are thrilled to have the support of our friends in the entertainment community who use their special talents to enhance the ideals and athletes of the Olympic Games and bring them to the world in creative and compelling ways,” said SCCOG Chairman Barry Sanders. “We’ve had Hollywood’s endorsement throughout the U.S. competition, and know that they will be with us when we, hopefully, make it into the International round.”

Many of the proposed Olympic venues are highlighted in the film, along with an essence of the “Hollywood” that is recognized throughout the world. Cultural landmarks such as Mann’s Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Sign, Santa Monica Pier, Disneyland, a parade of red carpets and more join Olympians including Mark Spitz, Bruce Jenner, Serena Williams, Carl Lewis, and others in demonstrating the tradition and future that combine to differentiate the Los Angeles bid.

“Great events and great entertainment engage the spirit of the audience,” said Walt Disney Studios Chairman Dick Cook. “This film – and in a much broader sense the Los Angeles 2016 bid – pay tribute to Olympic Game history while celebrating what the city can do to put the athletes on an elevated stage.”

“Our team has been as passionate about making this film, as any of the major features we develop,” said Hendricks. “The Olympics inspire, and we hope we have conveyed that magic through the film.”

Los Angeles and Chicago are the two U.S. cities remaining in competition to be the United States Olympic Committee’s (USOC) candidate to the International Olympic Committee to host the 2016 Games. The SCCOG’s bid plans were submitted to the USOC on January 22. The USOC has said that it will make a final decision on April 14, 2007.

The film was unveiled to the United States Olympic Committee Evaluation Commission today, during its visit to Los Angeles. Should Los Angeles be selected to move forward in the bid process, the film would be used to help market the city and the bid.

About the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games (SCCOG)
Formed in 1939, the SCCOG is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the Olympic movement in Southern California. Since its inception, the SCCOG has bid for the Olympic Games on behalf of and in conjunction with the City of Los Angeles, garnering the award of the Games for 1984. Hailed world-wide for their near-flawless organization, the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles generated an operating surplus of $235 million (in 1984 dollars). Further information about the SCCOG can be found on their website at


A Short Film by Walt Disney Studios/Craig Murray Productions Highlighting
Los Angeles’ Qualifications to Host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games

Executive ProducerGreg Hollander, Craig Murray Productions
Bruce Hendricks, Disney Productions (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Pearl Harbor)DirectorBruce Hendricks, President Disney ProductionsCinematographyOscar® Winner Janusz Kaminski (Munich, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List)
Dean Cundey (Apollo 13, Jurassic Park, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)Art DirectionOscar® Nominated Team from Pirates of the CaribbeanSoundOscar® Nominated Team from Pirates of the Caribbean and
The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeVisual EffectsAsylumMarketingJim GallagherCreativeDavid Singh